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Youtube new policy for channel monetisation


YouTube is getting more popular day by day . YouTube is getting more and more viewers . With the viewers getting high , the count of content creator and new channels is also increasing very rapidly. YouTube seems best money making tool in terms of advertisement earning.

But now YouTube have made changes in their policies, now it’s tough to monetize the channels.

Couple of month back YouTube made the policies that minimum 10000 views is must to be eligible for monetization of any channel.

Now YouTube have made the policy that any channel should have minimum 1000 subscribers count in one year with 4000 overall watch time. The new policy that will be in effect from February 20 could bring an end to the survival of many channels on the popular site.

Small creators will have to work hard now.

Our reporters spoke with many new channel , as per them having 1000 subscriber is not that difficult in comparison to 4000 Hours of watch time.

So summary of the blog is that .now only the channels, that received 4000 hours of overall watch time in the last 12 months and at least 1000 subscribers will be eligible to become part of YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and earn revenue.

We wish all the best to YouTube channels to reach the minimum benchmark.


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