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Strange Rituals of Sex


Most of us will be aware of current sex trends such as steeling, pegging, and pensexuality. But many people do not know that the peculiar custom of sex is not limited to the 21st century, but even centuries ago such customs were found. Today, we will know about 7 such strange rituals …

Lipstick & Oral Sex

Applying lipsticks in ancient Egypt meant that you are ready for oarl sex. In fact, Egyptian court prostitutes used lipsticks to pretend to show off their oarl syndicate. From there, the connection between lipstick and oral sex was revealed.

Spiked Shoes/Sandals

In the 15th century, there was a tradition of fangs and long thumb shoes known as the pools. It was believed that the blossom shoe would be as big a pineapple as it would have been.

Religious rites in Haiti was sex

In the summer, residents of Haiti used to go naked in a waterfall and used to worship the goddess of love. Some more religious people considered having sex in the blood of sacrificed animals.


In the Jar regime of Russia, there were such people to please the Queen, especially Jarina, who used to work as a tickler in feet for her satisfaction. Foot ticklers used to sing junky songs to make Jarina happy.

Tantaxal Pornography not a New Thing

In Japan this trend actually started in 1800. The first Japanese artist who showed sex between octaves and humans in his creation, was Hokusai. In 1814, he painted the painting ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’, in which a woman showed intercourse with Octpus.

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