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How to increase Twitter Followers

How to increase Twitter Followers

If you are on Twitter but you do not have good followers on twitter then this article is for you. Today we will tell you many ways and will guide you how to increase your twitter followers.
We all know that twitter is a very popular social media platform. It has millions of users throughout the world. If there are more followers on your twitter profile then you get more n more popular. Your post popularity also get increased if you have good number of followers.
So now have a look at the important ways in which you can increase the followers count on your twitter profile. Please read these methods carefully and apply to your profile. Soon you will have a lot of followers on twitter.

# 1 Create attractive profile

This is the very first step. Create a good profile. Always use real name and real picture. No one want to follow fake people. So always create original profile
Now following the below mentioned steps when creating profile-

Profile Picture – Click and update your best picture on twitter. As we all know that first impression is the last impression so always upload your best picture and keep on changing your pictures. Resolution for twitter profile picture is 400*400 pixels. This can be easily adjust by editing image in paint.
Header Picture – Now after uploading the profile picture , it’s time to upload header picture, upload a good image. Resolution for twitter header picture is 1500*500 pixels. This can be easily adjust by editing image in paint.
Please keep in mind that you should upload good resolution picture and good quality picture
Bio- It plays important role for twitter because this is how people will be able to know about you. Write some unique facts about yourself like who you are, what do you like. Again this is first and last impression concept
Location- Fill the name of your city , this will also attract people around you and chances of your popularity increase with this.
Website- If you own a website or blog, then it’s a good idea to enter your website/blog details here in this section so that you can also get visitors on your website/blog.
Theme Color- This is entirely up to you, try to choose any attractive and light color.

# 2 Unique and quality post

Always post quality post. Avoid posting copy paste content. Followers come only when you have good content on your profile so you need to make engagement with your post. Try to post the content where-in people can interact, so better the engagement on your tweet , followers count will increase accordingly.

# 3 Tweet according to strategy

First of all, you have to make a strategy on twitter, which post to post? Which topic to post? Most of the people and brand tweet with strategy only. As per every expert anything more number of tweets can make follower irritate so chance are you can loose your followers. Remember never let your followers unfollow you .

Use # 4 Hashtag

Always use the top rated hashtag whenever you are posting . For example if you are posting a morning post then you have to apply a hashtag like #MorningMotivation #GoodMorning. Always keep in mind that use the hashtag according to post type. Using hashtag will increase your post popularity and your post likes

# 5 Retweets and Like

Use the retweet and like feature of twitter. Whenever you find any tweet useful do retweet that tweet. Like the tweets of other people If you like the tweets of other users then probably that user will llike your tweet and will follow you. So start liking the tweets of other people as much as you can. This will also expand your reach and visibility.

# 6 Follow others

Follow others if you want someone to follow you. Again we need to keep in mind that we need to follow normal people. Check others profile if anyone is having less number of twitter followers do follow them because chance are more in this case that they will follow you back. Most of the people have the mindset that if he/she is following us lets follow him/her so basic strategy works here.

# 7 Use Follow button

This point is useful for the people having website or blog. You need to use follow button in your website/blog so that any visitor coming to your website or blog can join you on other social media website also. With this basic formula you can also get good number of twitter followers.

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